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Slate Texture

School Flooring & Flooring for Educational Facilities:

Educational settings from preschools to college dorms need durable solutions for their school flooring. The school environment requires unique attributes in its flooring choices. Things like air quality, sound absorption, and safety need to be considered... as do budget constraints. With the rise of childhood allergies, even the flooring you use in a school setting can have an effect on children’s health. All of our vinyl floorings are slip resistant. This brings an added benefit our vinyl floors.
Durability is also a key element in choosing flooring for elementary, secondary, and higher education facilities. Thousands of footsteps are taken in a hallway or classroom every day, plus there are shrinking budgets; it is key that school flooring be both durable and affordable from the start.
Of course color is important! Schools foster a positive atmosphere for learning. Whether searching for a classroom floor, a dorm floor, or a locker room floor, why not be inspired by a colorful or patterned option? The bright colors of product lines like our HomeDecor Slate and LVT can be arranged in unique and fun patterns to create variety.

School Floor Educational Floor School Recreation Room
School Floor

Slate and Rawhide Collections
Slate textured tiles have a hidden interlock system and beveled edges with a natural looking non-slip textured finish. Rawhide or Leather textured tiles also have have a hidden interlock system but are smooth with what appears to be a grout line. However, none of these tiles need grout.

The solid colored Slate tiles are 20.5" x 20.5" x 1/4" and offer unsurpassed durability resisting stains, abrasion, water and most chemicals. They are designed to resist scratches, abrasions, scuff marks, and stains in demanding environments. These tiles are particularly well-suited for areas that experience medium to high traffic. This durability makes it a great choice for schools, teaching and learning facilities, rec. rooms, sports facilities, locker rooms, and any other applications that require a durable, long-lasting flooring system. They do not do well in sport facilities where metal cleats or ice skate blades are used regularly.

• Professional grade   (Colors)
• Field: 20 in. x 20 in.
• Finish: Slate or Rawhide
• Durability: 25 yr warranty - residential
• Durability: 10 yr warranty - commercial
• Recommended for inside use
• Shipped in multiple boxes
• 6 tiles per case
• 16.70 Sq. ft per case
• Made in the USA

Slate Black
Floorageous IT-tile: Slate

Black / Noir / Negro
20 In. x 20 In. Vinyl Tile,
Hidden Interlock Multi-Purpose Floor, 6 Tile
16.70 Sq.Ft per carton
$53.95 ea.
$3.23 per sq.ft.

Slate Beige
Floorageous IT-tile: Slate

20 In. x 20 In. Vinyl Tile,
Hidden Interlock Multi-Purpose Floor, 6 Tile
16.70 Sq.Ft per carton
$68.95 ea.
$3.94 per sq.ft.

University Floor
University Floor
Granite and Stone LVT Collection
Inspired by nature, the Granite and Stone Collections are unique, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) designed to inspire and beautify any interior environment with its granite and stone concepts. Developed for medium to heavy commercial or residential use, it is durability while creating a soft and warm underfoot.
This series is a popular choice among professional designers for facilities such as educational environments and nursing homes. With a 10 year manufacturers wear warranty, it becomes easy to see why the Granite and Stone series has become a popular choice among flooring professionals.

  • Beautiful Look and Design
  • Leather Texture
  • Portable Floor
  • Easy Interlock Installation
  • Soft underfoot
  • Real stone look
  • Field: 20 in. x 20 in.
LVT Floor
Natural Sandstone
GoRageous: Stone Series
Sandstone Slate
Grès Ardoise
Arenisca Pizarra

20 In. x 20 In. Vinyl Tile
Hidden Interlock Floor
6 Tile in a carton
16.70 Sq.Ft per carton
$70.95 ea.
$4.24 per sq.ft.

University Floor
Custom, Logo, and Tile Murals
You will be delighted with the appeal and endurance of custom tiles. We assist architects and GCs with commercial and institutional tile projects. Our design group takes pride in coming up with ways to make even the most difficult design concepts into a work of art. If you are unsure if a concept will work, please submit it to us and we will do our best to come up with a way to make it happen - pictures, art, and logos on tile.

  • Permanent Advertising
  • Ready-to-install murals
  • An array of colors & typography to meet organization’s requirements
  • Custom color gradations to meet your interior design vision
  • Portable Floor
  • Soft underfoot
  • Sets on one tile or multiple
Bubble Floor
GoRageous / Custom
LeatherLook Buffalo LeatherLook Buffalo
custom tile logo School Logo Flooring Tiles
LeatherLook Buffalo

LeatherLook Buffalo
School Gym Floor
Flexi Tile - Coin, Diamond Plate, and Industrial
Get inspired by fresh ideas and having the tools to make design decisions with confidence. Begin a gym design by choosing a base color and adding accent tiles around the border or strategically place them throughout the room for under equipment. This floor can handle free weights and gym machines.

  → Reducing ambient noise levels
  → Large selection of standard color styles
  → Custom color available
  → Portable Floor
  → Soft underfoot
  → Anti-fatigue and slip-resistant
  → Coin, Diamond Plate or smooth texture available
  → Durable floor tile
  → Tiles can handle weight of cars or trucks
  → Made in the USA
Coin / Medallion
Coin or medallion texture Coin or medallion texture Coin or medallion texture Coin or medallion texture
Diamond Plate
Diamond Plate or Cross Texture Diamond Plate or Cross Texture
Diamond Plate or Cross Texture Diamond Plate or Cross Texture
Industrial PVC Tile
Industrial PVC Tile
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